24-26 FebBallarat, AUS

Western Bulldogs Ballarat Hackathon

Hack AFL & Government Data

Solve challenges provided by the Western Bulldogs and Ballarat Council under 48 hours

The Bulldogs in Ballarat

The Western Bulldogs will play the first AFL game for Premiership points in Ballarat on August 19th, versus Port Adelaide. The redevelopment of Eureka Stadium will include 5,000 undercover seats and a total stadium capacity of 11,000 spectators. The project includes upgrading match-day facilities to AFL standard, new stadium seating, public shelters, toilets for all-abilities access, providing access for food and beverage facilities, and ticketing infrastructure, and improving lighting around the main oval and providing an electronic video scoreboard.

The Western Bulldogs in partnership with City of Ballarat look forward to welcoming participants of the inaugural Western Bulldogs Ballarat Hackathon. The event, which will run from the 24th to the 26th of February at the Ballarat Library, represents one of a number of initiatives implemented by the Bulldogs in ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation in the quest for sustained success following the club’s 2016 AFL Premiership triumph. Teams at the event will have the opportunity to work on three challenges; one of these will focus on football performance & sport science whilst another will relate to the Bulldogs’ first ever match to be played for premiership points in Ballarat, which will take place on August 19th against Port Adelaide.

‘The club sees this as a great opportunity to invite some of the best and brightest sports analysts around the country to address a few of the current key challenges faced by high performance sporting organisations. I am confident that the challenges presented at the Hackathon will produce some fantastic solutions from participating teams as well as provide a useful platform for individuals to showcase their work in front of a professional sporting club.’ - WB Head of Research and Innovation, Dr Sam Robertson.

Implementing our Digital Strategy

The City of Ballarat Digital Strategy was commissioned to help create a better future city. This hackathon will help the City of Ballarat meet the following key actions:

  • 1) Progressively make key data sets residing in Council open and available to the public
  • 2) We will host, encourage and facilitate events, competitions and processes that stimulate the development and release of new apps and digital services based on publically provided open data.


6:00 PM
Challenges and Data Released

We will release our challenges and datasets. If you are already in a team, you can start work tonight. If not, don't stress - we will get you into a team tomorrow.


For those who are in Ballarat already, we plan to have a meet and greet at 'The Hop Temple' .

The Hop Temple
7:00 - 8:00AM
Hackathon Opens

We welcome you to the Western Bulldogs Ballarat Hackathon. Confirm your attendance and Breakfast provided by our sponsor TBC.

Ballarat Library

Official welcome to the first Western Bulldogs Ballarat hackathon. We will endeavour to ensure everyone who would like to be in a team is able.

Ballarat Library Meeting Room
8:45AM - 12:30PM
Hack Time

What are you waiting for - get to it! Our mentors will be available to help out.

Ballarat Library

Lunch will be provided thanks to our sponsor TBC. It is now that we require you to sign up your teams and the challenges you will be competing for on our Team Space Board. It is also a good time to catch up with your fellow hackers and discuss ideas and issues.

Ballarat Library Meeting Room
1:00 - 6:30PM
Hack Time

Back to it! Our mentors will be available to help out.

Ballarat Library

Dinner will be available thanks to our sponsor TBC. Now is a good time to speak with other teams - use the time to socialise as well as compete!

Ballarat Library Meeting Room
6:30PM - 11:30PM
Hack Time

One last push for Saturday! Our mentors will be available to help out.

Ballarat Library
Stay Tuned

Watch this space.

Ballarat Library
6:30 AM
Welcome back

We welcome you back for the sprint to the finish.

Ballarat Library

Breakfast supplied by our sponsor TBC.

Ballarat Library Meeting Room

Time to finalise your submission. You want to leave enough time to work on your presentation!

Ballarat Library

A flying lunch will be available for you thanks to our sponsor TBC. Feel free to eat with your team and continue to work on your submission.

Ballarat Library

The Final Siren will sound. It is at this point that your presentation is expected to be finished, as well as much as possible of your challenge submission as feasible.

Ballarat Library

You will submit your 5 minute presentation to the judging panel and other competitors.

Ballarat Library

Awards to be presented to the challenge winners, as well as the Spirit of the Hackathon award.

Ballarat Library


Tackle our challenges


Player Tracking & Tactical Analysis

Sponsored by Western Bulldogs

Win a day with the Western Bulldogs analyst team

Ballarat Council

Open creation - with a challenge

Sponsored by City of Ballarat

Prize pool - $500


Interact with our data

City of Ballarat
  • The City of Ballarat is committed to opening our data for public use.
  • Data is made available on data.gov.au
Western Bulldogs
  • We are excited to give you access to data that has never been available before.
  • Data will be made available on Friday 24th Feb
  • Player Team Allocation Data

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a hackathon?

A hackathon brings people together that love technology and data, and aims to solve challenges utilising their skills. A hackathon opens up collaboration opportunities and allows you to extend your network in a fun and positive environment.

If you are a software developer, amatuer football analyst, software engineer, maker, story teller, someone who loves technology or loves to solve challenges then we would love to have you on board!

You are welcome to form teams before the event, join a team at the event, or compete as an individual. Experience has shown that teams are best limited to 4-6 people. We will endeavour to ensure that everyone who would like to be part of a team will be welcomed into a team at the start of the event. Remember this is just as much about fun as it is a competition!

You can create anything that has used our data in a clever and creative way! This could include websites, apps, sensors, 3D models, data visualisations, t-shirts, or anything that is only limited by your imagination! Keep an eye on the challenges to ensure that what you create meets the requirements of the challenge you wish to solve.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide accommodation for the event. Accommodation details for Ballarat can be found at Visit Ballarat.
Meals, Water, Coffee & Tea will be made availble during the event. Local cafes can be found within a 5 minute walk of the venue.

Here are some of the things we have seen people use at previous hackathons:

  • > Laptop
  • > Mouse
  • > Headphones
  • > USB drives
  • > USB Hub
  • > Phone and charger
  • > Camera or video equipment
  • > WiFi dongle - although WiFi is provided there may be a high volume of use
  • > Identification
  • > Water Bottle
  • > Comfortable Clothing
  • > Music
  • > Pen, paper or any other stationary
  • > Business Cards

A 5 minute pitch of your project will be presented to the juding panel and other competitors on Sunday afternoon. You can be as creative as you wish for your presentation. A schedule of pitch times will be created after the registration of teams against challenges.
The judging criteria for each challenge will be released at the launch of the event.
The judging panel will differ for each challenge, but will be made up of Western Bulldogs staff, Council staff and local technology leaders.

Please refer to details on each challenge. Some datasets may require a NDA. More details will be provided when challenges and data are released.


We thank the following organisations for their support


  • Ballarat Library
  • 178 Doveton Street North, Ballarat Central
  • data@ballarat.vic.gov.au